TTMSFNCGrid fixed column is overlapped by next column when scrolling

FixedColumns = 1

When the grid is scrolled horizontally the fixed column is overlapped by the following columns.

If FixedColumns = 2, it's the second column which is overlapped, and the first is OK.

This started with Delphi 12.

Is this on Android? Can you please provide a small test application?

Yes, Android 10 on a Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus.

I tried making a simple test application.
Multi-Device with a TMSFNCGrid.
Fixed first column and Options, Mouse, TouchScrolling = True

The problem didn't appear until I set AdaptToStyle = True, so it seems that AdaptToStyle is the culprit.

Apparently, there is a style in Android that has a transparent color, so you might need to change the default color coming from the style, after setting AdaptToStyle to true, for example:

TMSFNCGrid1.Appearance.FixedLayout.Fill.Color := gcGray

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