TTMSFNCEdit property issue

Hi there,

I would like to set the value of TTMSFNCEdit' SelText. However, I got an error saying No member is provided to access property. I also tried SetSelText procedure and I got 'Identifier not found' error.

I also tried to use TWebMemo' corresponding propery/procesures and got the same error.

Is there an available feature I can find to replace the selected string inside an Edit or memo programmatically.

Thanks in advance.


You need to use SelStart & SelLength properties. SelText is read-only, as this is the case in VCL.
We have however detected an issue with TMSFNCEdit SelStart & SelLength, and applied a fix. Please use TWebEdit instead until the next version is released.

Thanks for the reply, looking forward to next release.