TTMSFNCEdit - multiple entries

If I understand right, the option Loopup\Multi enables to select more than one entry.

Is it possible to have the lookup to display, when the user enters the second word? Lookup and autocomplete seem to work for the first word only.



Lookup and Autocomplete should show the list of words that match the typed characters, but it will automatically select the first word that matches.
Not exactly, what I tried to ask:

Given this as content of the edit: Update; Ins
For "Update" lookup and autocomplete works, für "Ins" not.

Can you provide us with a sample?

I want to know, if this is supposed to work:

- Empty field
- Lookup/DiaplsyList contains "Update, Insert, Delete"
- Set Option Multi to true
- Enter "Upd" --> the lookup displays "Update"
- Select Update --> the conent of the edit is "Update;"
- Additionally enter "Ins" (conent now is "Update; Ins" --> nothing happens.

If this is not supposed to work, what is "Multi" for?

Multi works together with the displaylist, so please Set Lookup.Enabled := true. Autocomplete is only for non-multi lookup.

Autocomplete inhibts Lookup on the second word, when Multi is on. tx for this.

When the Seaparator is set to ; no blanks are allowed, which makes the words look clumsy:
aaaaa;bbbb;cccc - any chane to have the sparator include a blank: aaaa; bbbb; ccccc?

We'll take a look here what is possible.