TTMSFNCCloudMicrosoftOutlookMail and GetMails

how do I download all emails from office365 correctly? If I call GetMails, I only get mails up to APageSize. 1. How do I download other emails that did not fit?
2. How do I download only those emails that I have not downloaded before?
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it does not specify how to continue downloading next mail.

In Microsoft's description, it is not recommended to use the $skip parameter, but to use the URL returned in @odata.nextLink for other mails

Please give me a small example of how to download only emails that I haven't downloaded yet.


You can use the PageIndex parameter of the GetMails call to get more emails.
With PageIndex set to 0 the request will return the first 10 emails. With PageIndex set to 1, the request will return the second 10 emails. And so on.

TMSFNCCloudOutlookMail1.GetMails('INBOX', 10, 2);

Unfortunately there is currently no way to track which emails have already been downloaded before.