TTMSFNCCheckedTreeView and Mobile Apps UI

it's not a bug report, just my thanks to your Dev Team...

based on decades of Windows UI dev experience, I was struggling with UI design for Mobile App - could not "fit" the complexity into very limited cell phone screen - until I discovered this TMS component: TTMSFNCCheckedTreeView.

it's compact design and ability to use various "In place Editors" is the ideal solution for me.

also, I'm very happy that I can use SVG and other hi-res format images (ICO) in FNC buttons (don't need to create multi res bitmaps...). It saves my time and single graphic file provides very good quality when scaling such UI.

So, now FNC UI is my #1 solution for Mobile Dev in Delphi 12.
and my favorite Athens feature is Skia / the same reason: UI quality.

"happy with you",
Oleg K.

"I sat around all day
I used to get stoned
I liked to get wasted
But these days I don't
'Cos I'm happy with you
I got lots of good things to do, oh yeah"

Dear Oleg,

Thank you very much for your kind words! I'll make sure to pass along your message to the rest of the team as we always appreciate positive feedback on our components.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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