TTMSFNCChart OnCanSaveProperty SubPropertys

Is it possible to save only specific Propertys of a subproperty like for example the Points of a Series? I would like to be able to save everything except the datapoints. When i load the Settings after loading Data.
The Data is ignored and only the Points which are included in the layout are displayed.

Is it possible to save the Information about the series but not the Points?


You can use the following code to get the JSON from the chart and exclude the Points:

s := TMSFNCChart1.ToJSON(['Points']);

Hi Pieter,

unfortunately the TMSFNCChart1.ToJSON(['Points']) does the same thing as the TMSFNCChart1.SaveSettingsToFile('C:\Path\to\File', true). I want all properties not only the Appearance. Is there a way to set that for the ToJSON-function?

To ToJSON saves all properties, except the ones in the array, seems strange that it does not save all properties.