TTMSFMXWebGMaps Marker Centered


I asked several times how to draw a circle in the center of the TTMSFMXWebGMaps, and mantain always in the same position even if the TTMSFMXWebGMaps moved or zoom.

I did my own javascript routine, check the next link.

I tried to add the javascript code:

MarcadorCentral = new google.maps.Marker({        
position: map.getCenter()
       , map: map        
, title: "Punto de Recogida"
, cursor: "default"
, draggable: false

            google.maps.event.addListener(map, "center_changed", function() {
                  CentroMarcadorCentral = map.getCenter();

I added to the const HTMLStr located in your FMX.TMSWebGMaps, but it doesn't work.

The million question is... WHY?

Bruno Fierens2017-07-17 23:05:49


Please note that we are unable to provide support for custom javascript code.

Have you tried using the OnMapMoveEnd event to update the marker's position after the map has been moved?


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