TTMSFMXTreeview Node GetParent

Maybe I'm missing something,

but it looks like the GetParent doesn't work as expected for a TTMSFMXTreeviewNode.

  parent: TTMSFMXTreeviewNode;
  node:   TTMSFMXTreeviewNode;
  parent := myTreeview.AddNode(nil);
  node   := myTreeview.AddNode(parent);

  // At this point I expect node.GetParent to be the same as "parent"
  // but it returns nil !
  // I also tried myTreeview.GetParentNode(node) but the result is the same


We have tested this here nut are not experiencing issues. The following code executes as expected and nparent equals parent

  parent: TTMSFMXTreeviewNode;
  node:   TTMSFMXTreeviewNode;
  n: TTMSFMXTreeViewNode;
  parent := TMSFMXTreeView1.AddNode(nil);
  node   := TMSFMXTreeView1.AddNode(parent);
  nparent := node.GetParent;

Please provide a sample, or complete code snippet that demonstrates this issue.


Is this recently fixed ?
Because I just saw, I'm still using


This has already been available since the first version.
Please note that you can only access the node structure after building the nodes, outside BeginUpdate/EndUpdate if you are using this.

Ok, that's probably the problem.

I'm using BeginUpdate/EndUpdate.
And I'm already calling GetParent whilst filling the treeview.

Thx for the help.