TTMSFMXToolBarColorPicker question


When I select a custom color with the TTMSFMXToolBarColorPicker "More Colors..." button, is there a way to add that color to the color palette?

You can modify a color by a custom color via:

  TTMSFMXColorSelectorItem(TMSFMXColorPicker1.Items[Index]).Color:= yourcolor;

Thanks Bruno.  How do I increase the number of colors displayed?  It defaults to 8 columns and 5 rows.  I tried changing DropDownControl.Rows to 8 but it still shows 5 rows.  In the IDE "structure" window there are 43 items under TMSFMXColorPicker1.  All are checked visible and enabled.


This option is currently not enabled, we'll consider adding a mode where custom colors can be added to the picker.