TTMSFMXTableViewEx - Errors

Delphi XE4/ FiremonkeyPack actual version:

there are some serios bugs...

1. It's impossible to use TTMSFMXTableViewEx in Frames:

  • chose new firemonkey desktop application
  • select a firemonkey frame
  • put a TTMSFMXTableViewEx on the frame-form
  • insert frame into mainform
  • it seems everything is ok
  • SAVE the project
  • then ALL TTMSFMXTableViewEx items gone and you get an delphi error message

2. It's impossible to use TTMSFMXTableViewEx with TLang for multilanguage application

  • chose new firemonkey desktop application,
  • put a TTMSFMXTableViewEx on the form
  • built a detailview item, for example a panel with two buttons
  • insert TLang, built a language file for 2-3 languages
  • insert combobox for the selection ot the language shortnames and use the OnChange Evennt for changing the TLang languages shortnames
  • AFTER the selection of another language TTMSFMXTableViewEx "forget" ALL detailviews of the items
Working with TTMSFMXTableViewEx is actual time-wasting!!!

Best Regards

Issues have been fixed and will be available in the next release.