TTMSFMXTableView: different Item heigt

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is it possible to have items with different heights

e.g. first Item has a height of 150 so that the left bitmap has more space to be shown, while the next items are regular ones which show only some text (height 44 in style designer) and a final larger one containing a memo with some more text?

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Set the Height property of the item of choice, -1 is the Default value and will result in the TableView rowheight property of 44 to be used.

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But TTMSFMXTableViewItemdoes not have a height property :-(

Will this be fixed in a future version?

I was mistaking with the TMS icl package, im not at the office right now

but you can try to use the events to customize the item en set the shape height.

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Scheldeman Pieter

I tried

it.Shape.Height := 150;

with it: TTMSFMXTableViewItem

but get an access violation

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Apply this in the stylebook or individually in the onapplystylelookup method checking if the shape is assigned

Thanks. Can I create two separate style which I assign depending on the content of the item? A code snippet would be helpful

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I have looked in to this and you can directly set the height of the item shape that is created in the OnItemCustomize:

procedure TForm1.TMSFMXTableView1ItemCustomize(Sender: TObject;
  AItem: TTMSFMXTableViewItem; AItemShape: TTMSFMXTableViewItemShape;
  AItemControlShape: TControl);
  AItem.Shape.Height := 100;

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