TTMSFMXRichEdit - Save as HTML

Playing with the demo of TTMSFMXRichEdit and saved to file. I chose HTML as the format, but the, stepping through the process, the file type wasn't used (apart from to add the extension) so the saved file was in rte(?) format - not html.

I can see that TMSFMXRichEditorHTMLIO calls ContentAsHTML but I'd have though if the default save form offers the option then it should implement it.

Am I missing something?

Editor.SaveToFile()  saves in .RTE format. I'm not sure where you see this would save to HTML? In the demo it saves to richeditor_output.rte.
With TMSFMXRichEditorHTMLIO you can indeed export to HTML.

Just compile and run teh demo. Load one of teh samples (say Images) and then click teh save button. On the Save As form  there is a a drop down just below the file name that is title "Save As Type" and gives the options Text Files(.txt), RTE Files(.rte) HTML Files(*.htm) Rich Text(*rtf)

I could now understand this issue. 
It was indeed a problem and it is fixed now. We plan to release an update tomorrow that will address this.

Thanks Bruno. 

Hello friends,

Even when you save as HTML, he is closing the tag with error.

Opening the same example, selecting the Sample "Format" and saving as HTML
Opening the tag with 'U' and closing with 'I'.

"<U> underline </I>".


Was internally already fixed. We expect to release a TMS Pack for FireMonkey update on Feb 2 that will contain this fix.


I downloaded the 2.8.1 version now and still the same problem of export.
With the demonstration project 'RichEditor' selected 'Format', and exporting HTML.

Thank U.

I see in the log this was internally fixed.
I will verify if the fix actually got into the Feb 2 release and if not, I'll make sure it is in this weeks update.