TTMSFMXPageSlider hide Header/Footer

I use a TTMSFMXPageSlide in an Android /iOS project. How can I hide the header and/or footer of the pages?


This can be done with the following code: individually, or for all pages:

procedure TForm1.Page1ApplyStyleLookup(Sender: TObject);
  ((Sender as TTMSFMXPage).FindStyleResource('header') as TControl).Visible := False;
  ((Sender as TTMSFMXPage).FindStyleResource('footer') as TControl).Visible := False;

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Thank you, this works

Another question about this:

I have a TScrollbox on the Mainpage of this TTMSFMXPageSlide as a Container for other controls. It is set to Align:=alClient;

When I hide the header and footer as you suggested, the scrollbox doesn't use the space of the header that is now free. It covers only the space as it was with header / footer.
How can I correct this?


We have implemented 2 new properties that should fix these issues.
The next version you will simply need to call:

  Page2.HeaderVisible := False;
  Page2.FooterVisible := False;

To hide header and footer, and the controls inside will properly align.

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That is excellent news because I need that functionality myself.
  Peter Evans