TTMSFMXNativeUIWebView Receive Link from Safari

I have this problem,
I have to make sure that my IO App made with Delphi Rio can appear in the list of apps with which to share a web link.
For example if I am on safari and I am visiting a site I want to share this link with my app. I tried adding the management of CFBundleDocumentTypes and CFBundleURLTypes in the info.plist file but unfortunately my app does not appear in the list.
Instead, there is the possibility to send the link to whatsapp, email, notes, and many other apps.
Once opened my app must capture the link and use it internally for example for an internal browser with TTMSFMXNativeUIWebView
Do you know how I can do it?


It's unclear exactly how to achieve this, but I assume there are a few technical limitations in the IDE that does not provide a way to handle this afaik.