I am generating a PDF from Teechart but when using a TTMSFMXNativeUIDocumentInteractionController to display the file all text is missing. Lines are correctly shown. If I lick on the share button and send it via email. When I open it on a Windows PC all of the text is visible.

Hoping that you can shed some light on this.



The TMSFMXNativeUIDocumentInteractionController is a wrapper around the UIDocumentInteractionController and therefore it could be possible that the issue you are seeing is not related to the wrapper code but to the presentation itself, which is happening behind the screens. It will depend on the PDF, the iOS version and device you are using. Can you perhaps send us the PDF so we can investigate this here, if we can reproduce this issue?

Pieter Scheldeman2016-03-22 11:24:04

Thanks, Sent by email to support.

Email was answered through direct email support.

Thanks. Am taking this up with Teechart. Will post here for information if/when resolved.

Steema have tested what I submitted to them and have acknowledged it as a bug. Please see if interested.