TTMSFMXNativeUICollectionView UIButton


When I add a UIButton to the item template the text assigned to the button is never visible.



Thank you for your feedback, we have investigated this here and have applied a fix.

Kind Regards, 

Thanks, when will this fix be available? Can you also please test all controls that can be added to a collection view as I believe there are also problems with setting properties of them.also.

Next release is scheduled for Dec 12.

Thanks. As a matter of interest why don't you inform us by email when there is a new version released or at least post in the respective forum?

Release dates are tentative dates. Having a release that is ready is more critical to us than pinpoint to a specific date, that's why only give out tentative dates when being asked for, otherwise, history has learned us that we will be flooded with emails when we miss a date. These email floods are not really productive for anyone.
In all cases, when there are really time-critical issues to be solved for the customer, you can always directly contact our support by email to request interim incremental updates.
Thanks for your understanding.

I meant post release notification!