TTMSFMXNativeCameraViewController , Camera Exposure?

Using 10.4.1 and latest TTMSFMXNativeCameraViewController component from the iCL package.

I need to ability to increase/decrease exposure and can't see of any way to do this.

In the built in camera app in iOS kinda tap and swipe up and down.


The TTMSFMXNativeCameraViewController is only using the default camera view available in iOS. All other settings, are features that are added on top of the camera view, so unfortunately you cannot compare the camera app and this component. We'll add this on our feature request list.

Ugh ok. My hope was to have abilities to hit up the different parameters/abilities/blah such as this Exposure deal. Customers wanted to be able to take pictures and save them off quickly so had to bypass the built in camera app. But they also need the exposure support as its very handy for using whiteboards behind a product and set exposure up to totally white out the background to only show the product. Got a few hundred users/devices out there using this for our FMX app.

Before @

After @

What you could potentially already test out is using a protected class wrapper and use the focus method:

  TTMSFMXNativeCameraViewControllerOpen = class(TTMSFMXNativeCameraViewController);

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  devicePoint: CGPoint;
  if not Assigned(FCameraController) then

  devicePoint := CGPointMake(0.5, 0.5);
  TTMSFMXNativeCameraViewControllerOpen(TMSFMXNativeCameraViewController1).Focus(AVCaptureFocusModeContinuousAutoFocus, AVCaptureExposureModeContinuousAutoExposure, devicePoint, False);

0.5, 0.5 is the center point of the camera view.

Don't think this is what I need exactly.

Code compiles and runs. But nothing happens when it comes to exposure.

It maybe setting an exposure mode... but I don't see way to set value to Increase/Decrease exposure. In my case, increase so can white out the background...


We have further investigated this here and see that there is a method that is capable of doing this. ( Unfortunately, the API under iOSApi.AVFoundation does not expose this method. We'll add this on our feature request list for investigation and see if we can support this in a future update.

This seems to be the API call.

I used this program from

Using XCode to compile and run and that was the API call they used.

Also another thing I happened to just notice. No ZOOM in/out support either.

The TTMSFMXNativeCameraViewController was created as a base for QR code scanning. This is currently still version 1.0. We are adding feature to our list and will see in a future TMS iCL update if we can expose more functionality.