TTMSFMXMemo Spell Check

Is it possible to add some sort of spell check to the TTMSFMXMemo component? 

At first glance I didn't see any obvious interfaces. 

I'm not sure there is a spell checking product / solution right now for FireMonkey, so I'm not sure what you'd expect us to integrate with?

I was hoping for a generic interface to plug my own spell check engine in. Or at least some way to highlight or identify specific words and have dynamic right click menus. 

It would really be nice to control which tokens / styles to enable spell checking too, e.g. strings only. 

I understand this most likely isn't a feature anyone else is asking for. Thanks for responding. 

We've added it on the list for consideration to add such interface in a future version of TTMSFMXMemo, similar to what is in the VCL TAdvMemo.