TTMSFMXMemo .count issue when pasting

I have a TTMSFMXMemo on a firemonkey form.

I use the OnChangeTracking event to monitor/display the number of lines in the memo.
It works fine when typing or loading lines into the memo, but when I paste from the clipboard (79 lines), the OnChangeTracking event is called and at that moment, the .count or .realcount property of the memo returns only 2. After that, no further OnChangeTracking event is triggered, so the counter which displays the number of lines in the memo shows the wrong amount.

We are not able to reproduce this issue here. Can you send us a sample that reproduces the issue?

I sent an email with an example project. It does the same independent what target platform is selected (Win32/Win64/OSX).


The issue has been fixed and the fix will be available in the next release.