TTMSFMXMemo and JSON Syntax Highlight

I am looking for a FMX memo to highlight the contents as JSON.
I did not see a built-in possibility.
Any tips on how to achieve this?



This is not possible with the TTMSFMXMemo. We have the TTMSFNCWXJSONFormatter component available in TMS FNC WX Pack Universal Delphi & C++ Builder component set to take advantage of unique and proven extraordinary web technology from VCL, FMX, LCL and WEB core apps

Hi Pieter,
Thx for the quick reply, but the TTMSFNCWXJSONFormatter doesn't seem to be what we are looking for.
We just want a multiline edit field with syntax highlighting for JSON.
Formatting will probably be added as well, but it should be an editable text instead of a display-only representation.

This is on our todolist but not something we currently have.

Alright, Thx.
I will search for another (temporary) solution.