TTMSFMXMemo Add wildcard support for Keywords

For languages like CNC GCode or similar, where tens or hundreds of statements start with the same letter like "G", or stuff like coordinates "X,Y,Z" there is currently no convenient way to style them.
I have added / modified the following line of FMX.TMSMemo (line number 4827 in DrawSegments of PaintLine):

if (FSyntaxStyles.FAllStyles.Items[i].FKeyWords.IndexOf(partc) <> - 1) or
(FSyntaxStyles.FAllStyles.Items[i].FKeyWords.IndexOf(partc[1]+'%') <> - 1) //Added to support simple wildcards

In the Custom Styler, adding a keyword would look like that:
itm := AllStyles.Add;
itm.Info := 'GCodes';
itm.FontColor := TAlphaColorRec.Purple;
itm.Font.Style := [TFontStyle.fsBold];
with itm.KeyWords do

Now this will apply to all strings starting with G now.
Like G00 G01 G100.....

There is no conflict with other keywords starting with G when the style is declared before the one with the wildcard, because it searches the list from top to bottom.
Adding a keyword like 'GENERATION' into a new style, which is added before the wildcard style will do the trick for that.

This is a very primitive way to do it, and solves my current problem.
It would be nice to introduce a property to define the wildcard (%,*,...)

Even better would be the possibility do define a mask, not just a wildcard.
Like G%%abc.. which would apply the keyword style to all strings matching it, like G00abc or G01abc, but not G00xyz...
I might need that later, and could implement it the same primitive way as the wildcard support.

Please consider adding it in some way to one of the next releases.