TTMSFMXGrid Import and RowCount problem

TTMSFMXGrid, xslx import filter.

When I import a file with < 15 rows (e.g. 8), the grid displays 15 rows, with 8 populated (the rest are blank).

If I then use e.g. 
mygrid.deleterow (10) 

to get rid of one of these blank rows (which are not in the original XLS sheet), I get an index out of rage exception. 

If there more than 15 rows in the original workbook, then there are no blank rows added on the end, so the problem never occurs.

I've looked around for some sort of minimum value in the grid, or the import filter, but can't find one.

A work around is to add a space character onto every cell in a given column.


Can you post your code that imports the file? Or perhaps send us a sample that is able to reproduce this?

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