I'm using a TTmsFmxGrid to show amounts and rates. When i try to access to floats values thanks to the Floats property, i always receive 0. 

I found that Floats[] uses System.Val() to convert the string value stored in the grid in float value. The problem is that this function does not care about FormatSettings, and uses "." as decimal separator, but with my configuration, "," is used as decimal separator.
So the grid stores values using "," as decimal separator and then tries to convert values to floats using ".".

I found a workaround using StrToFloat(Grid.Cells[]), but i would be able to use Grid.Floats[].

Kind Regards.

We use this technique to avoid exceptions. You can indeed use StrToFloat(Grid.Cells[]) instead

We'll revise this method for making it use FormatSettings.