TTMSFMXGrid column width by mouse

TTMSFMXGrid column width by mouse.
Version is under Windows 8.

Under Options.Mouse.ColumnAutoSizeOnDblClick = True
         Options.Mouse.ColumnSizing = True.

I can see the cursor change from arrow to left arrow and right arrow cursor.

I try to click or double click - no effect.

What else do I need to change so that the user can change the width of the columns?

  Peter Evans


We have tested this here and have no issues double-clicking the cell borders to autosize on dblclick.
Can you send us a sample that is able to reproduce this issue?

Kind regards, 

I found that if I use :-
ColumnSize.Stretch    = True
ColumnSize.StretchAll = True
the Mouse.ColumnAutoSizeOnDblClick does not seem to work.

But I can use
ColumnSize.Stretch = True
ColumnSize.StretchAll = False
 with the mouse property.

So I think it is now working.
  Peter Evans