TTMSFMXGrid: Cell comment triangle fill color sometimes affected by font color

Tested on Delphi 11.1 with TMS FMX UI Pack and targeting Windows 11.

When applying a CommentColor to a cell of an TTMSFMXGrid the color is consistent until font color is overridden by code. E.g. on a blank FMX project add a TTMSFMXGrid, then put this on form's OnCreate:

TMSFMXGrid1.AllCells[0, 1]:='123';
TMSFMXGrid1.Comments[0, 1]:='ABC';
TMSFMXGrid1.CommentColors[0, 1]:=TAlphaColors.Blue;

So far so good, the comment triangle color is a solid blue.


Then add this to the TTMSFMXGrid's OnGetCellLayout event:


Now the comment triangle has the border painted blue but the fill is the same color as the text: lime green.



We have fixed this here, next version will have this addressed.

Hi Pieter. Thank you.

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