TTMSFMXGrid and ComboBox

i have a TTMSFMXGrid with three columns and i would like Combobox in the last column so i do this ( regarding the doc ) :

TTMSFMXGrid1.Columns[2].Editor := etComboBox;

When i click in a cell of the last column, nothing appears... it still blanks.

Is there an example with Combox in Grid ? ( i searched but didn't found )


How many columns did you add, ist the last column actually column with index 2 ?
We have tested this here on a default grid and are unable to reproduce this.

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I have three columns so the last is index 2.

I try to do it with the first column ( index 0 ) and i have only the design of the combobox without items in the first cell, the other cells of the column are completly blank ( without combobox )

i put also BeginUpdate and EndUpdate

Ok, i try it in a new project and it works...