The list of fonts shown in TTMSFMXFontNamePicker and TTMSFMXToolbarFontNamePicker contains many font names that display as symbols rather than as Roman letters.

When I look at the fonts using the OS viewer, e.g. Control Panel in Windows, I do not have this problem.

Is it possible that you are displaying the font names using the font itself and that this does not work when the font contains symbols rather than Roman letters?

I would have liked to send a screenshot but when I switch to a capture tool, the dropdown font lists close up.

I am using the current version of the components.

That is correct. We are using the font names itself as font for the text rendering. We'll investigate if we can improve this by adding a property to switch off this setting.

Alternatively you can use the following code:


procedure TForm33.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  I: Integer;
  sel: TListBox;
  sel := TMSFMXFontNamePicker1.Selector.Controls[0] as TListBox;
  for I := 0 to sel.Count - 1 do
    sel.ItemByIndex(I).TextSettings.Font.Family := 'Arial';