TTMSFMXEdit Prefix/Suffix

I want to create special "versions" of the TTMSFMXEdit.

I dropped a TTMSFMXEdit on the form and changed the EditType to etMoney.
But this doesn't seem to do very much and I don't see any decimals.
I changed the Precision property to 2 with fixed the decimals.
Furthermore a valuta-sign is not visible.
So I tried to fix this with:
   TTMSFMXEditAccess(TMSFMXEdit1).Prefix := '?';
But the edit now displays very strange behaviour, and typing in new values doesn't work correctly.

I dropped another TTMSFMXEdit on the form and changed the EditType to etSignedNumeric.
I have problems with the minus/plus sign, but this is already covered in this post.
I tried to show a percentage-sign with:
   TTMSFMXEditAccess(TMSFMXEdit1).Suffix := '%';
But this doesn't work very well.

FYI: I defined the following to access the protected properties.
  TTMSFMXEditAccess = class(TTMSFMXEdit);

In my original post my EURO-sign is changed to a question-mark somehow.

  TTMSFMXEditAccess(TMSFMXEdit1).Prefix := '?'; // EURO-sign

   TTMSFMXEditAccess(TMSFMXEdit1).Suffix := '%';
Should be
   TTMSFMXEditAccess(TMSFMXEdit2).Suffix := '%';


You are access protected properties. Properties that are not published are not officially supported. The way the TTMSFMXEdit currently works does not support the Prefix and Suffix properties yet.


But in fact I've made a descendant class for the TMSFMXEdit and can easily access these protected properties.
The TTMSFMXEditAccess was just for giving you a simple example.

I understand they are not supported (yet).
So I can't use Prefix/Sufiix for now.
Will they be implemented soon ?

What about the EditType etMoney?
How can I accomplish a real "money-edit" ?


We are aware of the fact that when creating a descendant class you can access protected properties, but they are currently not supported. We have already added this on our todolist for further investigation. The money editor type automatically adds separators when typing a number, but we agree the prefix and suffix are properties that come in handy in money editing situation. As soon as time permits, these functionality will be exposed.