TTMSFMXDirectoryTreeView issue

I am trying to use TTMSFMXDirectoryTreeView.

It list all directories of drive C: just fine, except it does not show the real folder names.
For example, the real foldername is C:\Users, it shows C:\Benutzer.
Getting the select folder as a path, and calling another TTMSFMXDirectoryTreeview to list files, using the function "LoadDirectory()" of it, it wont find any file, because the path C:\Benutzer doe not really exist.
How can I get the real folder names listed?
Calling TDirectoy.GetDirectories('C:') will list the correct foldernames, but not the treeview.


We have tested this here but are not able to reproduce this. We are using the TSearchRec FindFirst to search for directories and files. Can you send us an email to showing the issue in a screenshot?