TTIWMainMenu rendering issue

I am having an issue using TTIWMainMenu.

I just made a new app.. dropped that and tmainmenu and set some items in the menu...

I set the TTIWMainMenu to align to top of the form..

in IE 7/8/9 ... everything works great and looks fine..

in latest FF and Chrome, when hovering over menu choices, no border shows up.
And the menu bar itself.. where the items are, that area height is higher then the rest of the
bar that spans the width of the screen to the right.

As can see.. top one is firefox.. the height of the bar across is not uniform.. and the drawing of the border around the hovered item doesnt happen.. but in IE does work...

this is using latest iw components and iw 11

This 3d-like root item highlighting is indeed an IE only feature. We'll look to add support for this in Chrome & FF as well.
Wrt height of the root item bar, I could not reproduce such problem here in Chrome 12 for example?

I am on Chrome 12.0.742.122 and FF
I had someone here at work try it out on their chrome/ff and same results.