TTIWIPhoneOnOffButton and Async

I must be missing something real basic here.  All I want to do is, when the user clicks the "Show Password"  OnOff button, I would like the actual password (a TIWIPhoneEdit) to show all dots instead of the real password characters.  I cannot make it work Asynchronously.  Here is my code:

procedure TfrmLogin.btnAsyncButtonClick(Sender: TObject; EventParams: TStringList);
  edtPwd.PasswordPrompt := (btn.ButtonState = bsOn);
 // edtPwd.Refresh;

When I click the OnOff, nothing happens.  I can force it to work if you use the Synchronous OnButtonClick, but that forces the whole screen to flash while it redraws and makes a call to the server.. So I'm still trying to fight with it to get us the edtPwd to update.

I added the .Refresh and then the .Update to try to force the edtPwd to update, but nothing happens.  What ever state the .PasswordPrompt was in when the screen was first created, is the way it stays.

Anyone got any ideas?  Thanks in advance.


It's currently unfortunately not supported to change the PasswordPrompt property value asynchronously.
However we'll investigate if this functionality can be added in a future version of the TIWiPhoneEdit control.