TTIWDBAdvWebgrid problem in column title size


   If I let the default column title size (I guess it is 9) when in runtime the DBGrid is shown as expected. But If I set at design time the column title size for ANY value (8,9,10,11...) the title will become GIANT on screen at runtime. 

  Ex: if I set the title attributes to 

<FONT  size="9" face="Times New Roman" color="#0000FF"><B>My Title</B></FONT>

The title shown will become like Jumbotron. If I take off the size reference, it works with the default size and will appears ok, like this:

<FONT  face="Times New Roman" color="#0000FF"><B>My Title</B></FONT>

The 'size' attibute is messing up the title size for this component. I think the column title size could be changed, or am I wrong?

Joao Lira.


Can you please try using the following HTML instead?

<span style="font-size:10pt;font-family:Times New Roman;color:#0000FF;font-weight:bold;">My Title</span>

Hello, Bart,

This solution worked in runtime as expected. Thanks! However the effect doesn't show up in design time when using the component internal HTML editor. 

Please note that the display of HTML at design-time should only be used as a preview of the possible result at run-time.

As the final result can be influenced by different things (like browser type and other HTML code on the page) it is recommended to always check the result of using HTML code at run-time.

Hello, Bart,

Ok, what I mean is that if one use the internal HTML editor to, for example, create a title like what I used above, the internal HTML editor won't use a code like what you show above. Perhaps the editor should be updated to the new HTML, CSS codes for the 'size' atribute. Only who knows HTML will be able to fix a little trouble like that.

Joao Lira

Hi Joao,

We'll have to investigate if the HTML editor can be improved in a future version of the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack.