TTIWAdvWebGrid and checkboxes

I am using the TTIWAdvWebGrid. It has four columns. The third column is set to ctDynCheckBox column type. How do I programmatically set its value to true so the check box appears checked?

Is there another way to show a checkbox and have it checked when the grid is displayed?

I am using Delphi XE5 and TMS Intraweb Component Pack Script Edition on Windows 8.1.


Randall H. Carpenter


You can use the DynEdits[] property to preset the column value.

Example to check the ctDynCheckBox column:
  TIWAdvWebGrid1.DynEdits[2,0] := BoolToStr(true);

There are two other column types that display a checkbox:
ctCheckBox: used for selecting on or more rows in the grid
ctDataCheckBox: used to display true/false celldata as a checkbox (only editable when the row is in edit mode)