TTArgon2KeyDerivation Linux - Windows

TArgon2KeyDerivation delivers different results using Windows vs. Linux:
      fArgon2 := TArgon2KeyDerivation.Create(nil);
      fArgon2.outputSizeBytes := 32;
      fArgon2.counter := 10;
      fArgon2.memory := 16;
      fArgon2.unicode := yesUni;
      fArgon2.outputFormat := TConvertType.base64;
We want to transfer our DataSnapServer from Windows to Linux. All Pwds are saved hashed via Argon2 in our DB. Therefor we are not able to Recreate the saved hashes. What can we do?
Hi J?rgen,
I will take a look at your issue today.
Best regards,
Hi Jurgen,
Your issue will be fixed in the version that will be released soon.
Best regards,