TScrollboxStyleHook for TOutlookGroupedList

Hello TMS,

i try to install Delphi RIO 10.3. Update 1 and latest TMS Component Pack on a new HP PC-System. Installation was very smooth, but when i try to compile my projekt or try to add a TAdvOutlookList to an empty form the IDE Show "TScrollBoxHook ist f?r TOutlookGroupedList nicht registriert".

Reinstall of TMS Pack, deinstall of IDE Fix Pack, Change of IDE Theme doesn't change anything.

...when i open a Projekt with a TAdvOutlookList i get an Access Violation in TMSDXE12.BPL and i must close the IDE.

This was internally already fixed. The next update will address this.
For an urgent fix, contact us by email for an incremental source update.

Thank's Bruno,

rolled back to the last version. Wait for the next update.