Trouble with IW Components and IW14.2.1

I'm updating my development environment to IW 14.2.1. I'm trying to install all the TMS IW related software and get an error about IW14tmsdxe11upd.bpl not being found.

I have used the Subscription manager to download all current software but I don't see and option covering IW 14.2.x.

Is there a location to download support for 14.2.x?




The latest release of the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack is compatible with IW 14.2.x.
You should be able to download this version using the Subscription Manager, if not you can download the registered version from the My Products page after login on our website.

Thanks. I just wanted to be sure I didn't need anything more for 14.2.1. It's all fine now.