Trest insight's use and problems found

First of all, no category exists in tms support center for Trest insight

I try to use the Trest insight and I have the following problems:
a. The downloaded version is but in the web site versioning a exists
b. Loading a save request in the headers section the Names are not loaded. In the Json file, they exist
c. Pressing the Send button I have in less than a second an error: "This request timed-out. Please check the configuration of the url." The url as shown in the line at the left of send button seems to be OK and if I copy it to my browser it works. Is it using a hidden proxy or no standard dns servers?

A useful addition could be also to have undo function edit fields.
Thanks for this util


Sorry for the late response, this category wasn't watched yet.
The issue with version number should be fixed in the new version (

For your problem with the load-request. We've found the cause and a fix will be applied in the next release.

Regarding the link that isn't working, these should normally work as we aren't using any proxy. If you want you can always leave them here so we can check what might be the problem.

Again sorry for the late reply.