Tracking Down: Grid Index Out of Bounds

I am a current owner of the TMS Component pack. I am using ASG 8.2.00 and I am using C++Builder XE4 with 32 bit VCL platform. 

I am creating temporary ASG using the code below. 

  std::auto_ptr<TAdvStringGrid> Local_AdvStringGrid2( new TAdvStringGrid( MyBlank2_Form ) );
  Local_AdvStringGrid2->Parent = MyBlank2_Form;
  Local_AdvStringGrid2->Visible = false;
  Local_AdvStringGrid2->Name = "Local_AdvStringGrid2";

I am getting the intermittent error  Grid Index Out of Bounds (50). I can not track down where this error is coming from. Is it possible to trigger an event or a logging tool when this error occurs so I can find where it is coming from?  

I cannot see a reason for an error "grid index out of bounds" coming from these 4 lines of code.
This typically comes when you try to access cells outside the grid.ColCount / grid.RowCount boundaries.
Please verify your accesses to grid.Cells[col,row] that this is always within the cell range boundaries.