TPlannerItems Image/InplaceEdit


TMS version:
Delphiversion: XE4

I have some trouble with simultaneously use of images and inplace edits in the TPlannerItems. As soon as I insert a image, wether it is with Item.ImageID or Item.ImageIndexList, I'm not longer able to use the full width of the inplace edit.

Suspicious is, that the useable area of the inplace edit depents on the width of the images. The useable area is surrounded in blue. If I do not load the image, the area is wider.

I had the nearly same problem a few months ago in Delphi 7 and solved it with the Let me know, if I can give some more information.

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Jan J?hne

This is by design. As the image itself can't be edited (via an inplace editor), we prevent it from disappearing when the item is being inplace edited by reducing the inplace editor width.

Is it possible to change the position of the inplace editor then? 

Sorry, it auto positions in the 'free' space.