TPlannerDatePicker Inheritance issue


Got an issue with TPlannerDatePicker on inherited forms. Getting: Modifications to component cal1_ were recorded in form Form2 but the ancestor component was not found in form Form1.

To reproduce, create a new project and drop a TPlannerDatePicking on Form1. Create a new form inheriting from Form1. Now view Form2 as Text and then View as form. Error appears.

Have installed the latest update.


Dave Craggs  

There is a known issue with DFM streaming in this case for TPlannerDatePicker. We have not found a solution for this yet. As a workaround, I'd suggest to create the control at runtime in code.

Used another not TMS component.

Have to say this is very disappointing. This is code I worked on 10 years ago - worked fine then. One of the main "features" I need from components is reliability.

The issue with inherited forms & DFM streaming is not new, Delphi always had this behavior. This is definitely not something caused by (recent) changes in our component.