TPlannerCalendar CellRect

Good morning,

there's a way to draw a little rectangle/circle/triangle (with a character) with custom color into a TPlannerCaldar day rectangle?

I'm using the internal shapes and i need to show other flag.

Thank's for reply

Have a nice week end


With PlannerCalendar.Events.Add.Shape := evsCircle , you can add a circular shape as well as other shapes: (evsRectangle, evsCircle, evsSquare, evsTriangle, evsNone, evsAMPMRectangle)

The shape color can be set with PlannerCalendar.Events.Add.Color
There is currently unfortunately not a way to set text inside this shape.

Hi Bruno, thank's for reply,

i already use this shape to show some event.

The need is, within this shape, to draw another little shape.

Like circle with inside (custom position) a litle circle (with different color).

I think the easiest way is to add some more shape (like rotate triangle acc..).

Thank's for attention.