TPlanner PlannerItem Editor

So I am getting familiar with the Tplanner Items and the pop up editor.  I have set planners editor to DefaultItemEditor1 which was instantiated from the class TCustomItemEditor.   I create planner items at runtime and make sure that they are ReadOnly := False.   From my understanding the editor should popup when the item is selected but that is not occurring.  

Also on BeforeEditShow I set the caption to the time of the item.

Why is the popup editor not triggering ?  I cannot find the events for the actual planneritem that would do this and that are actually controllable at design or runtime.    I have exhausted reading the developer guide and therefore need asistance.

Thank you.

Was able to find one of the demos that used pop up editors and figured out the problem.   Did not realize nor was it in the documentation that an object for the Editor could be dropped on the form.  I tried to instantiate it the wrong way.  Now its working, simple enough just wish the documentation was a little more specific about creating this object.   Let me know your thoughts regardless about this and any other trap I may encounter.

It is explained on page 29 of the manual

Now that I have read it 10 times and found it in a demo I realize that when you stated component what you meant.  I have pretty good reading comprehension skills and before i knew how to and could decipher what is in the manual, it was not very clear on how to establish this class in the planner.  I absolutely love TMS, but some of the communication in the manuals are not always clear or easy to follow.   A simple addition of text specifying that first you should drop one of three components on your form, would have saved the day.   Now that i know I feel silly, the answer was there, but for those that don't know its not that clear at the beginning.

More important is the great forum and support you provide.  Thank you !!