TPlanner Alarm fires only before


I create a new item in day mode. I want an event before and after the item.

The problem is the event before fires but not the event after.

Is this a bug or do i anything wrong?

I use version

here's my code:

with DayPlanner.Items.add do


    Visible := False;

    Text.Add('Neuer Eintrag');

    Itempos := DayPlanner.SelPosition;

    Itembegin := DayPlanner.SelItemBegin;

    Itemend := DayPlanner.SelItemEnd; := true;

    alarm.Time := atBoth;

    alarm.timebefore := encodetime(0,1,0,0);

    alarm.timeAfter := encodetime(0,1,0,0);

    alarm.NotifyType := anMessage;

    Visible := true;


After the alarm before went off, please make the alarm active again, as by default, it goes to passive state as soon as the alarm gets triggered.
You can make this active again by setting:

PlannerItem.Alarm.Active := true;

Thank you.