TParamTreeview Limit Spinner range and Reorder items?

I was looking at the potential for using TParamTreeview for a settings dialog. If there is something better, let me know. One question I have is on a spinner, how would you limit the range? It be nice if the params could have low|high ..

Also, when I entered some things they are in the wrong order, how do I reorder the list of items?

You can access the inplace spin editor via:ParamTreeview.SpinEdit

This way you can access:


I'm not sure what exactly you mean with : 'when I entered some things'? At design-time? Values in param edits? Other?

What if you have 3 different spinners and need different min/max values.

I'm talking about when I created the items, I want to reorder them (move up/down) in the list. Doesn't seem there is an option for that?

Value in params means the the extra data that is used for other things like toggle. That could be done for spinners as well with low|high so each spinner has its own range.

Did you try to set the desired values from OnParamEditStart, i.e. right before the editor is shown?

Thanks - Yes that works but there is a problem with the spinner not being wide enough for all numbers. If you start at a lower number of digits and go up to another place or two of digits, you don't see the full number. It should either auto resize or make it wide enough for the largest number it could be (the MaxValue of the SpinEdit).

Try to change the ParamTreeview.SpinEdit.Width from OnParamEditStart