TParamListBox Hint callback sends wrong data for href

I setup a callback for hints, ParamListBox1ParamHint, but the href is the hint not the href. I would need href to be the href to lookup the hint.

basically in this case I have 1 item with a hint so I wanted to supposed items without hints:

if (href==hintvalue) showhint=false;

but the call back sends the hint as both the href and hintvalue.

I cannot see a problem here.

This is a parameter listbox item:

<FONT color="#FF0000" size="10"><B>Preset : </B> <a href="preset" class="LIST" props="First preset|Second preset|Default preset" hint="preset value">?</A></FONT>

It returns in OnParamHint "preset" as href and "preset value" as hint.
This is the expected behavior.

Not in the C++ builder version and I can confirm by looking at the .pas code, you set anchor to the hint then pass anchor as both the href and hintvalue. so when there is no hint the href and hintvalue is the href and if you set a hint, the href and hintvalue is the hint.

Maybe I have an older version? But I just got this a month or so ago. Or maybe you already fixed in your version?

It calls after anchor detection (normal & expected), the method


and last param here is the hint. h is used when it is not an empty string.

It still not working after updating, still has:

 if Assigned(FOnParamHint) then
            FOnParamHint(Self, res, Anchor,Anchor,CanShow);

But Anchor is the hint if one exists and href if no hint exists. My Version is

If no hint is defined via an attribute the anchor is used, otherwise it takes the hint attribute.
This is by design.

But if there is a hint, it sends the hint as the href - that is the problem.

We fixed it.