TouchScrolling not fluent

I am using TouchScrolling, and find that the scrolling on TMSFMXGrid doesnt have that kind of fluency like other components (eg. tgrid, tlistview)

1) rows will only be scrolled, when my finger is moving on the screen. as long as my finger leaves the screen, scrolling stops immediately. can I set or change anything to make it work as in tgrid?
2) scrolling seems to be much slower on "old" ipad then on the relative new ones, eg. compared between ipad2 and ipad air. (as for the example, I never sense such performance difference with tgrid or tlistview on different ipads.) is this something needs to be improved?


The TTMSFMXGrid is based on the first version of FireMonkey, where everything was built out of objects. The grid manages an array of objects, but unfortunately the management, creation and destruction of those objects take a lot of resources and on mobile operating systems this kind of approach is flexible, but slow. The other alternative is to paint every cell instead of managing objects, but that possibly introduces a complete new grid. We are investigating the possibilities.

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