Toglle between code and design mode

I used TMS WebCode VSC in the past and today gave it another try. Correct ne when I am wrong but I remember that with Ctrl+F12 one could toggle between code and design. This doesn't seem to work (any more?). The manual (TMSWEBCoreVSCSetupGuide.pdf) says
image. Seems like an odd combination.

F12 is already used in Visual Studio Code, so we chose Ctrl-F12
Unless some other extension trapped it already, Ctrl-F12 should still work. It is still working here at least.

Unfortunately Ctrl-F12 doesn't work on my computer. I get the Search files by name list.
I am using the latest VSC.


What other extensions do you have installed?

I solved the issue by removing the shortcut via File, Preferences, Keyboard Shortcuts.

Delphi shortcuts were installed!

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