In a TMS Web Core application, I want to use TObjectList.

  TUsers = class

The compiler can't find "Generics.Collections":
[Error] Web_XData.pas(16): can't find unit "Generics.Collections"

There is a way to use TObjectList in a WEB Core application?

At this moment, there is in the pas2js compiler not yet generics supports.
This is being worked on and we expect this support to become available in the coming months.

Thanks for the quick asnwer.

We are tranlating from Desktop app to WebCore... it TObjectList can be used in 1 month we can wait... if not we must re-design classes to have it in time.
Can we know the timing for that upgrade?

Even though we are working very hard on this, I cannot give a guarantee today that this will be here in 1 month time. The complexity and scope of this is simply too large to give a prediction in terms of weeks.



It's alrady possible to work with Generics.Collections with WebCore?

We are nearly there!