‘Toast’ stopped working

We have toast messages/notifications in our web core applications which used to work fine but now they just stopped. Toasts are not showing. And after the toast fails to show up some events like ‘on mouse move’ also stop working. Application is installed under IIS web server. However when I run the application locally from my Delphi everything is working. What can be the reason?

TMS WEB Core version changed? What version?
Delphi version changed? What version?
Browser changed? What browser?
Did you test our toast demo? This demo is working fine & without any changes in TMS WEB Core v1.6.2.0 as well as beta.

Tms web core 1.6.2. Browser Chrome. Nothing was changed. It is working fine when running from delphi( with tms web server). But with the same browser when open the same project installed under iis it doesn’t show the toasts. This started 2 days ago. It was also working fine. Some settings on the web server?

Toast are a 100% client-side implementation, I cannot see how the server could affect this, unless you have application level code that communicates with a server to display a toast.

I suggest to first test with our demo and compare what is different in your app from our demo.