TntCheckListBox missing

In TMSUnicode Component Pack the TntCheckListBox is missing. instead there is a TCheckListBox control thar interferes with the standar control with the same name.

TMSUnicode Component Pack version
I suposse there is a bug in the contol.
Best Regards.

I checked this and cannot find any reason for this. You should see:

1) Unit TntCheckLst.pas is included and it contains the class TTntCheckListBox
2) Unit TntUnicodeVCL_Register.pas registers TTntCheckListBox for the component palette 

So, if this is installed clean & correct , I cannot see a reason for this problem.

Uninstalling and reinstalling does not solve the problem.

Taking a look at TntChecklst.pas at line 30 the declaration is:
  TTntCheckListBox = TCheckListBox;
instead of
  TTntCheckListBox = class(TCheckListBox);
as other classes do.
could be this the problem?
The registered component in TMSUnicodeDED2011.bpl package is TCheckListBox instead of TntCheckListBox
best regards.

This might be the reason,

we've adapted this here to 
 TTntCheckListBox = class(TCheckListBox);
and next update will have this fix.